The Power of Momentum Set by Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel

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The Power of Momentum Set by Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel

The Power of Momentum Set ia a video teaching series by Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel. Momentum.  What is it?  Why is it important?  How do you get it?  Once you have it, how do you keep it? The Power of Momentum series takes a practical approach to unlocking the secrets of creating and sustaining momentum.  Through examples and application, you will learn the systems and tactics that fuel personal, organizational, and ministry progress.  Each of the DVDs in The Power of Momentum series includes a main talk divided into four sessions, behind-the-scenes interviews and discussion, and access to a participant's guide. 

Gaining and Sustaining Momentum Total Runtime: 55 minutes
Are you bothered by a lack of momentum?  Do you wonder what allows certain people and organizations to create and maintain momentum?  In "Gaining and Sustaining Momentum," Andy Stanley shows us how to apply the three components of sustained momentum and opens our eyes to the momentum stoppers we must watch out for. 

Sessions include:
1. How Do We Define Momentum in Our Organization?
2. Three Components of Sustained Momentum - Part One
3. Three Components of Sustained Momentum - Part Two
4. Applying the Components of Momentum and Momentum Stoppers

Busting Barriers with Mindset Changes Total Runtime: 58 minutes
Do you often find yourself in a negative mindset? Do you feel stuck and find it difficult to see the way out?  In "Busting Barriers with Mindset Changes," Craig Groeschel shows us how to be transformed by the renewing of our minds - providing specifics on how to think differently, reach more by doing less, and pointing us to particular things we must stop doing in order to reach our full ministry potential.

Sessions include:
1. Introduction to Mindset Changes
2. Five Things to Think Differently About - Part One
3. Five Things to Think Differently About - Part Two
4. Three Assignments to Help Bust through Our Barriers

Creating Personal Spiritual Momentum Total Runtime: 1 hour
If we are not careful, the way we do the work of God will destroy the work of God in us.  In "Creating Personal Spiritual Momentum," Craig Groeschel provides practical applications that show us how to create a heart open to God, which allow us to live with sustained spiritual momentum in our lives. 

Sessions include: 
1. Introduction to Creating Spiritual Momentum
2. Defeating Your Dark Side
3. Creating Personal Deadlines and Learning the Art of Delegation
4. Doing What Only YOU Can Do

Creating a Culture of Continual Improvement Total Runtime: 1 hour 4 minutes
In "Creating a Culture of Continual Improvement," Andy Stanley asks the hard questions, uncovers the assumptions that are driving our organizations, and helps us examine what in our organization has momentum and what needs to go.    

Sessions include:
1. When Programming Goes from Answering a Question to Becoming a Culture
2. Committing to the Mission at the Expense of the Model
3. Examining our Effectiveness and Where We Are Manufacturing Energy
4. Questioning Organizational Assumptions


.:: Download the DVD Notes Here (PDF)